CB Channels & Frequencies

Channels There are 40 CB channels. Each CB channel is 10 kHz. The channel number and its frequency are:
CB Frequencies
Channel Frequency Comments
1 26.965 Anyone can use
2 26.985 Anyone can use
3 26.995 Anyone can use
4 27.005 Anyone can use, Four wheeling channel
5 27.015 Anyone can use
6 27.025 Anyone can use, the channel is great for skip shooting and is Nicknamed The Super Bowl
7 27.035 Anyone can use
8 27.055 Anyone can use
9 27.065* Emergency communications
10 27.075 Anyone can use, Regional trucker channel
11 27.085 Anyone can use, Nicknamed The Mini bowl because you will hear a lot of Hawaiians on this channel.
12 27.105 Anyone can use
13 27.115 Anyone can use, Marine and RV
14 27.125 Anyone can use, Walkie talkies
15 27.135 Anyone can use
16 27.155 Anyone can use
17 27.165 Anyone can use, North/south trucker traffic
18 27.175 Anyone can use
19 27.185 Anyone can use, Trucker channel
20 27.205 Anyone can use
21 27.215 Anyone can use
22 27.225 Anyone can use
23 27.255 Anyone can use
24 27.235 Anyone can use
25 27.245 Anyone can use
26 27.265 Anyone can use, another great skip shooting channel and has the nickname of the Rose bowl
27 27.275 Anyone can use
28 27.285 Anyone can use, used in Skip Shooting
29 27.295 Anyone can use
30 27.305 Anyone can use
31 27.315 Anyone can use
32 27.325 Anyone can use
33 27.335 Anyone can use
34 27.345 Anyone can use
35 27.355 Anyone can use
36 27.365 Anyone can use
37 27.375 Anyone can use, Side band
38 27.385 Anyone can use, Side band
39 27.395 Anyone can use, Sideband
40 27.405 Anyone can use, Side band

Some channels for long-distance communication (excluding shooting channels) are channels 6, 11, 26, and 28 on the AM side. If you're interested in sideband communication, some great channels to use are channels 37 through 40.

Channel 6 - This channel is for the experts! If you're engaging in long-distance communication on this channel, you're doing exceptionally well. It's often nicknamed the "Super Bowl" because it's where the experts gather to compete and make their mark.

Channel 11 - If you want to communicate with Hawaii, this is an excellent channel to initiate long-distance communication. It's jokingly referred to as the "mini bowl" due to the frequent presence of Hawaiians in grass shirts. Just kidding!

Channel 26 - If you can't get through on channels 6 or 11, this is a good choice for the next level down. This channel is sometimes nicknamed the "Rose Bowl."

Channel 28 - This may be one of the easiest channels to get a response if conditions are favorable. I'm not aware of a specific nickname for this channel.

Channel 9 is reserved for emergency communications or traveler assistance. The Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS) is a private, two-way, short-distance voice communication service for personal or business use by the general public. It can also be used for voice paging. It is authorized for 40 channels between 26.965 MHz and 27.405 MHz. A similar service is the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). The CB Service provides short-distance communication for individuals and businesses. While the service has undergone changes over the years, such as adding additional channels, its purpose has remained the same.