MaCo V 5/8 Vertical over MaCo M3 Horizontal

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MaCo V 5/8 Vertical over MaCo M3 Horizontal

Post by Red Warrior » Monday, 25 February 2008, 12:08 PM

I am building my antenna using a MaCo V5/8 vertical mounted on the same mast as a MaCo M3 three element beam mounted horizontal. The mast is tower mounted about 20 feet above ground. The mast is turned with a Radio Shack rotor with a thrust bearing three feet above the rotor to take up the lateral torque exhibited by the 22 foot MaCo V5/8. The MaCo V5/8 is mounted 9 feet above the MaCo M3 (1/4 wavelength). The combined weight of the antennas and mast is 23 pounds. Each antenna is connected by separate Andrew Heliax to a switch in the shack.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

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