Astatic 575m6, 5+++, My Main on any rig

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Astatic 575m6, 5+++, My Main on any rig

Post by BigBlue 442 » Sunday, 02 December 2007, 20:03 PM

I have the pleasure of owning one of the best mics I have come across. The audio you get from this mic can not be beat. The fact that you can control the tone is wonderful. I tested this on my G Lee along with a few others that I have posted reviews on and all I can stay about this mic is WOW!. When I do normal test on mics I load them into the truck and head off down the road and call back to the house where my wife is at on her radio. I stop at 1,5,10,15 mile intervals. I check back with her on the sound of each mic one after the other. I also throw a few stock mics in the mix just to keep her honest. I run them with windows up and down and car stereo on and off. Just to give you an idea of what I mean when I say testing. Now back to the 575. It gives any tone you want it to because you can control it (how cool is that). I run the gain on the radio at full maybe a hair back and the gain on the 575 at about 1/4 on. The tone is set at about full up in location as the sliders are on the sides. It matches my voice like a charm and according to my wife it gives me that "voice over guy tone with punch" and thats just the way we like it. The 575 is solid and well built. There has been no issue with background noise as I had heard they pick up everything. In my experience with it no one had mention it and they say my audio is loud, proud and super clean. This is my main mic and I will give it to my son someday. If you get the chance to pick one these mics up jump on it. The fact that they are no longer made makes them hard to find.

What was included in the packaging? unwired Mic

What else was purchased to enhance or operate? 4 pin mic connector

Was the equipment modified from stock?yes I solder on the 4 pin mic connector

Who modified the equipment. I did


Overall Rating:5 ( I would give it a 10 if I could)

RX TX:5+++++++ you can control the tone need I say more

Features:5+++++ see above

Ease of Use:5

Value:I did not count this into the total because the are no longer made and can be pricey when you find a good one.

Durability: 5 because I protect it with my life ( did I mention I like this mic)


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