browning golden eagle "it squeals ".......AND?

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Post by peterwo2e » Wednesday, 02 October 2013, 5:29 AM

Jester wrote:That squealing feedback is hideous....the one thing I have noticed about people who have had this done to their radios is that they have become pariahs that stick to one or 2 channels max, because the truckers on 19 won't put up with that crap!

No one wants to hear that. They want to hear clear, loud audio that the Browning is known for, not some god-awful squeal...
i hate the nike stripe and i wish nike would change it but wiyhout the chevron it won't be a nike shoe. a browning radio won't be a browning with out the pinger, when you say "no one" you actually mean "you", i get good positive responce from all over the place on my browning and i will never silence the pinger on one of the most famous and popular wish list radio made in the USA ever known. my sugestion to you my friend is to quickly change the channel when one of this monster radios show up.

Wednesday, 02 October 2013, 12:24 PM

Actually the best RX is that of the Cobra 2000 and it's Uniden/President Madison.
The Tram D201 and Golden Eagles were fine radios but they are overrated IMO. A classic radio is not necessarily the best.[/quote]
what! I hope your comment was meant to be sarcasm or just meant to be a joke.
the receiver from the golden eagle was design by drake an engineer for drake radios a truly state of the art filtering system now use on ham radios. there is no way in all high heaven that a cobra 2000 would come near the browning or tram as far as the receiver is concern these overrated tube radios as you call them truly were way ahead of their time. I have to come to the conclusion sir that you never operated or had any of these radios in your possession.
this is not to start a flame war and i do respect your opinion.
thank you.

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