Super Diode Lays Waste to Shottky Diode Mod w/ Pic

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Super Diode Lays Waste to Shottky Diode Mod w/ Pic

Post by lydianmode » Monday, 01 December 2014, 21:54 PM


The wife thought that I should take a picture of the Super Diode and post it. A Super Diode can cleanly demodulate signals up to about 200%, has a much higher dynamic range than the shottky diode (or "normal" diode) and exhibits no reverse leakage (A fancy term meaning that the diode acts more like a resistor on the negative half cycle) which they are known to have.

The output of the actual demod section is amplified just slightly to give enough voltage to drive a line-level device such as a hifi speaker system. The line level also allows me to plug this directly into my laptop to make nice watergates.

I was amazed at how much fidelity is lost using the 148's audio amp even with cap mods. Using an audio generator I was able to hear down to about 30Hz up to past 8Khz but spectral analysis shows more like 10Khz. Noise is thwarted by a crystal I.F. filter running at 7.8 Mhz and a 10Khz audio L.P.F.

No special diodes are required.



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