Royce 1-621 info for mod/tune

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Royce 1-621 info for mod/tune

Post by 443 Arizona » Saturday, 08 May 2010, 14:51 PM

i have this old base unit and found out a few mods for it but cannot find a schematic ,(for free,)
i cannot find L4.
the modifications read as follows, modulation adjust- VR3,
power adjust- L4,
and T7 is to be adjusted for??????
thats all i can find other than the pll cannot be modified,, at least not by me.. i won't attempt it.

i like this little base unit,, looks good and easy to operate, doesn't melt the antenna and the squelch operates better than most i've heard.
a power mic is about all it needs. (i can figure that wiring)
i searched CBRT but wasn't much on this radio. one other site had nothing on it,, so here i am,, anybody else messing with this model ?

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Re: Royce 1-621 info for mod/tune

Post by ses1105 » Monday, 17 May 2010, 8:11 AM


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