Midland 75-822 "One action packed hand held" 5

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Midland 75-822 "One action packed hand held" 5

Post by BigBlue 442 » Saturday, 23 February 2008, 17:36 PM

I picked up this little gem and few days ago and I have to say I am surprised at the performance and usability of this hand held. It has a ton of features like 5 memory channels, scan, dual watch, last channel recall, and Hi/lo output. It also comes with two battery packs for use with normal and rechargeable batteries (batteries not included). The best part is the mobile adapter that allows you to use a mobile antenna and cig lighter for power. And I can say this thing sounds great! Nice and loud clean and clear audio. It sounds just as good on the ducky antenna but the range is about a mile or so maybe a little more if you are above your target or there is nothing in the way. I could still get a good copy from the radio at about a 1/4 mile with my wife talking to me from inside the house. Which I feel is pretty good considering it is a hand held. Now with the mobile adapter hooked up its a different game. I talked skip on this little guy to the show me state hooked into my 10k. So I will have this radio with me as a backup at all times it is truly a great radio. It has features I would love to have on a true mobile radio. I would say this would make a great radio to put in the ol emergency kit or when you want minimal radio and max performance. You can also add a separate mic/speaker so that you can leave it on your belt or seat. I don't know the battery life for this radio yet because I am still on the same batteries. Although I would say with constance use it would be a few hours on the high setting and a little more on low. The rechargeable batteries may extend the time a little but I have not tested them.

What was included in the packaging?radio body, 1 alkaline battery holder, 1 rechargeable battery holder, mobile adapter,and rubber antenna.

What else was purchased to enhance or operate? lapel mic/speaker

Was the equipment modified from stock?no

Who modified the equipment.n/a

Overall Rating:5
RX:5/3 rx is a 5 with the mobile adapter / rx is a 3 with ducky antenna but what do you want from the duck

TX:5/3 tx is a 5 with the mobile adapter loud and clear / tx is a 3 with the ducky (see above)

Features:5+ this is where this unit shines hard to find a real mobile with these kinda features

Ease of Use:5 every thing is marked well and it even has a button lockout so you don't hit anything by mistake

Value:5 for around $100 give or take $20 it is a steal

Durability: 5 It looks like it is built good and would stand up to its share of bumps and scraps

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