Radio Shack SWR/POWER meter 4.5

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Radio Shack SWR/POWER meter 4.5

Post by BigBlue 442 » Saturday, 29 December 2007, 22:02 PM

First things first, They meter is well made and setup to be user friendly. The display is easy to read and well marked. I hooked everything up in a few seconds and a quick look at the instruction book got me started. I tested the SWR on a my setup with a known to be flat match and the radio shack meter confirmed my findings. The next step was testing the power. The meter test both avg and pep and its as easy as flipping a switch to get the answer. I used power readings from a bird meter to get my base line. The radio shack meter was within a 5 watt range of the base line readings. So I feel the radio shack meter is a solid piece of test equipment. The instruction state the for a 5 watt reading there is a .5 watt +/- and 50 watt reading there is a 5 watt +/- and 500 watt reading there is a 50 watt +/-. I say that it is pretty close to correct. For the price this meter is great and will take some of the guess work out of your setup. The only things I would change about the meter is adding a back light and a better way of mounting it for mobile use. It will measure from 1-2000 watts on 3-30 MHz operation frequency range.

What was included in the packaging?Model: 21-534 meter and instructions

What else was purchased to enhance or operate?na

Was the equipment modified from stock?na

Who modified the


Overall Rating:4.5

RX TX:na

Features:4 (needs a back light and mounting bracket)

Ease of Use:5

Value:5 (49.99)


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