Astatic 636L 4.5

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Astatic 636L 4.5

Post by BigBlue 442 » Sunday, 02 December 2007, 19:27 PM

The mic is well made and will take its bump as it rides in a mobile. The 636l was tested on my G Lee at normal settings and provide a full clear tone as I spoke in a normal voice. It has a sweet spot of an inch or two away from the mic and after that little to no sound or noise is picked up. This mic can be used with the windows down driving a hundred miles an hour and all you will hear is what is in that sweet spot. I would have to say that this mic is a universal talker of sorts. What I mean by that is that it will fit a wide variety of input voice tones and still give a good clean solid tone out. Overall it is a tried and true performer and should be in everyones collection. At some point you will find the need for this mic. I gave it a 4.5 because for me personally it did not have the punch I wanted (and I now have a 575-m6).

What was included in the packaging? the microphone pre-wired 4 pin

What else was purchased to enhance or operate?nothing

Was the equipment modified from stock?yes, had to fix a bad solder

Who modified the equipment. I did


Overall Rating:4.5

RX TX:4 not as punchy as I wanted, but this is a personal preference add a .5 to total if that punchy tone is not your thing

Features:4.5 it has a DaveMade guard

Ease of Use:5

Value:5 at @ 40 bucks you can't go wrong

Durability:5 it is well built and solid


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