Radio Shack TRC-465 AM / SSB CB Radio. 4.5 Great talker!

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Radio Shack TRC-465 AM / SSB CB Radio. 4.5 Great talker!

Post by Mentor3006 » Wednesday, 29 August 2007, 11:25 AM


I've owned several of these radios over the years, and have started somewhat of a collection. This is the same radio with a different face and mic jack as the Uniden PC 122xl. Generally speaking, this review applies to the Uniden as well, and I have had a couple of those as well, they really are the same once you open the cover. Very stable on ssb, fairly easy to mod, loud, and clean. I would put these radios along a Cobra 148 GTL any day of the week straight out of the box. Modding a 148 is easier for sure, but I get more knee room with these! The clarifier is steady and easy to tune. The only reason I do not put these dead on with the 148 GTL is the lack of the Dynamike / Mic Gain control. A power mic really gets these things OUT there... With the power mic, and a 102" whip these things produce a LOT of signal, and get out there loud & proud. Has that "Big Radio" sound... The side mic port is kind of a pain in the back side, so if you are in dash mounting this, you will need an extender cable and another hole in the dash to mount the female of the extender so you can plug the mic in. They handle vibration, impact, thermal, and even dirt abuse with grace. These radios are long gone new now, but are WELL worth picking up from ebay, a used radio dealer, or an estate sale.

What was included in the packaging?

Realistic TRC-465 AM / SSB radio.
Mounting bracket.
Mounting bracket knobs, and sheet metal screws.
Mic clip and mounting screws.
Radio Shack CB microphone.

What else was purchased to enhance or operate?

Radio Shack Cat No: 21-1177 Dynamic Noise Canceling Amplified Microphone. Not necessary, but helps get the most out of this radio.

Was the equiptment modified from stock?

Yes. Professionally tuned, years ago. Probably needs to be done again by now.

Who modified the equiptment.

Generator from the Space City DX Radio club.


Overall Rating: 4.5
RX TX: 5+++
Features: 4- (the lack of a Mic Gain ticks me off, also the side Mic connection is funky, but common.)
Ease of Use: 5
Value: 5+++
Durability: 5+++

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