Magnum 257, Great value, 4 out of 5

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Magnum 257, Great value, 4 out of 5

Post by 49 » Thursday, 31 May 2007, 18:09 PM

Magnum 257

I received a new Magnum 257 from Sparkys a few weeks ago and been impressed with it’s performance so far. This is the new version that has the blue face and three ERF2030's in it. So far I'm happy with the receive in this radio and the loud clean audio. There is three ways to adjust mic gain, in the radio, in the mic(yes this cheap feeling mic is a power mic) and on the external radio mic gain. I have it set where at full open, 5 o’clock it just over drives/squeals, usually have it set at about the 3 o’clock position. SSB is great and the clarifier seems to track on tx and rx, this good when trying to lock on to someone. Was not able to try fm as it’s not used much here. RF gain is a little on the touchy side were it seems to not effect gain that much. The nb/anl is on and off together and works well. The tone low is nice for monitoring weak/dx stations. Buttons are cheap feeling and mic feels the same. However keep in mind this little mic is a power mic and has the handy up/down ch controls.
I get good reports as loud and clear with good modulation. With it tuned it can dk 2-3 watts and swing to 45-50pep no problem. Radio never really gets hot as the cooling fins in the back seems to do the job. The scan is a good feature as well as the 5 memories that can be programed for usb/usb/am/fm on each memory! Also has all of this in a small package making it even more appealing. I use mine as a base and in the wives car using a cigaret plug adapter and a Wilson 5k with surprisingly good results. I used it as a base with a kl-500 and it seems to be loud and clear however radio power is a bit much for it as the kl uses 1446's. If using a box I would recommend at least a 2 x 2879 or a hd box as the radio will swing close to 50 watts.
If you don’t mind the cheap feeling knobs or small lightweight mike this radio is a great value/deal. Would I get another,, well I have two, one in the jeep and one roving for use as my my base/wives car.

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