AC control switch Ford Focus ( blend switch )

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AC control switch Ford Focus ( blend switch )

Post by Tobin » Saturday, 26 March 2011, 11:16 AM

2005 Ford Focus: Had a problem with the blend button that is called the AC control switch. It used to stcik in defrost and dash vent. I replaced the switch and it worked for about two weeks and then it started sticking again. It seems like the switch was not strong enough to turn the under dash system.

I greased the units but still the same problem. It seems to stick in the extreme positons only. In between works very well but if you turn all the way left or right it will stay there and the switch itself will turn left or right. I have to go under the dash to free the unit from the extreme position of window defrost or dash vent... All other blends seem to move relatively freely in between...

Any thoughts on this? I don't think anything fell down in the defrost vents ion the dash. I think it is a recall issue. I saw a few other Focus cars with similar problems and stiff switches no matter where they were put. I noticed the newer Focus cars have a different switch for blend controls...



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