Electric Dragster

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Electric Dragster

Post by MDYoungblood » Tuesday, 05 July 2016, 17:05 PM

This one is interesting,
What's your thoughts!



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Re: Electric Dragster

Post by 543FtWorth » Tuesday, 05 July 2016, 19:43 PM

Cool stuff. Lots of benefits to electric motors and battery technology has came a long way. No power band like an internal combustion engine. Just feed it current and get instant torque. Some day it will be like comparing a flex radio to an old plate mudulated boat anchor.

I remember watching a program on the discovery channel about electric cars years ago, before they were into reality shows, and I was amazed with the torque. I remember they kept having drive belt failures.

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Re: Electric Dragster

Post by DevilDog66 » Tuesday, 05 July 2016, 20:33 PM

Pretty dang cool. Someday gas may be a thing of the past. Having said that I'm still waiting on my "Jetsons" flying car! :cheers:
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