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Maco V58 help

Post by drdr » Saturday, 12 July 2008, 5:57 AM

Just installed a maco v58. Set length according to instructions (240 inches)but have an very high SWR. Looking for troubleshooting help. In reviewing the instructions it says the standoff that contains the coax connector should be at 90 degrees, I was only able to get it to 70-75. I noticed when I connected the coax to that connector it spun on the standoff but I have it as tight as I can get. I am afraid I will strip the threads if I attempt tightening more. Can I put a star type washer on there so it won't move?
I have a ground wire attached at the base of the tripod. Should it be attached somewhere else?
I ran the coax (RG8/U) through a return air duct. Could I be getting interference from that?

Thanks up front for the input.

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Post by linx » Saturday, 12 July 2008, 6:03 AM

Usually on a base antenna, high SWR's point out one thing....bad coax. You mention that you cannot screw the terminal in all the way, that alone could be the problem. Another problem could be that the actual coax connectors are bad. I've seen coax, even new from the package be bad due to bad connectors. We've had a V58 before, and it tuned out flat with good coax....those are awesome base antennas. I'd check every jumper you have in line (if any) and then go about replacing the ends on the coax.

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