Turner +2 mike paint job

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Re: Turner +2 mike paint job

Post by MrBubble » Saturday, 30 January 2016, 13:09 PM

PA629 wrote:Just a quick post you may/may not find interesting. The pics of the black Turners in the Italian link before the flames were added is how my original Turner +2 looks. It was purchased new in 1965 and was made in black with the chrome ring around the head for Sears, Roebuck, and Co. by Turner. I purposely bought it due to the color being something other than that ugly (to me, at the time, anyway) blue, plus it was $5 less than what the Plus 2's were going for. Five bucks was a lot of scratch for a kid pinching pennies back in 1965. :lol: I still have the mic around here someplace in one of my old radio storage bins. Just a F.Y.I.
Yes, indeed, Turner OEM'd this +2 mike style in various colors to other companies like Sears, Johnson, etc. I have also seen the black version for Realistic. It was popular under many names.

-- Jan 31st, '16, 19:18 --

One of the last decisions in the paint process is whether or not to apply a Clear Coat over the base color. A Clear Coat is just another layer of paint except there is no color pigment. Here are some arguments for and against:

- Provides another layer of protection. Any scratches or marks in the top clear coat are less likely to be noticed.
- Provides a glossy finish that some find attractive.

- The glossy finish can reflect light which distracts from the color and physical features of the mike.
- A Clear Coat can be over applied and appear lumpy.
- A Clear Coat can have a chemical reaction with the base coat and cause the finish to crack, completely ruining the paint job.

Based on these points, I decided not to apply a Clear Coat for the following reasons:

- This mike will be stored indoors and will have minimal handling as a display item. So while another layer of protection is nice to have, it's not really needed.
- I suspect that any future problems I have with the paint on these mikes will be a result of the paint separating from the metal rather than surface problems. I noticed the challenge of getting the primer to adhere to bare metal and the use of acid to create the bond. I don't know how durable this will be in future years. In any case, it's not something that will be strengthened by a Clear Coat as a top layer.
- I tested a Clear Coat on the mike while I was experimenting with paint schemes and before I removed all the paint to bare metal (per my previous post). I noticed the shiny finish of the Clear Coat reflected light which I found annoying. I prefer to see the richness of the base color than have it reflect light back at me. This is purely a matter of personal taste and there is no right or wrong view when it comes to a glossy finish and appearance.
- At this late stage in the project, it's not always possible to backup one single step and re-do. Any mistakes may require me to go ALL THE WAY BACK to bare metal and start over. So I'm not willing to take this risk for something I don't really need or like. Every addition to the paint finish is another layer of risk to the entire project.

My second mike will be ready for Metallic Red paint this week. Stay tuned.

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