SBE Belcom Desktop Microphone wiring

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SBE Belcom Desktop Microphone wiring

Post by Evil_Wind » Thursday, 21 January 2010, 14:22 PM

I need wiring info for a SBE Belcom amplified mic. It's three wires plus shield.

I recently acquired the mic, and would like to make sure I wire it properly for my 4 pin galaxy ( also for a 5 pin Cobra too, in case I want to use it there instead ).

Thanks. :r&r:

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Re: SBE Belcom Desktop Microphone wiring

Post by Foxhunter » Thursday, 21 January 2010, 23:29 PM

First----nice mic. Good sound. Maybe by me writing first, it might help bump your post along and you can get a straight and direct answer from someone else who might be willing to post. Or maybe get some clues here, at the very least. Let's see, from what I understand, Belcom was a European company that made this line of microphones (and some radios) for SBE. I also have three of these mic's, one amplified and also two of the unamplified versions. I've only tried one so far (have yet to wire the other two) but from what I've heard with testing----great sound, you'll probably be pleased. Trying to do an online search for the Belcom wiring information (so far anyway) is pretty much fruitless. Even now, if SBE Belcom is "Google" searched---it mainly comes back to either Eham, our CBRT Forum and my own Photobucket microphone online album. That's about it.

Looking at The Ultimate Mic Wiring Book, it appears the standard mic wiring for almost all SBE radios and SBE mic's was:

SBE Standard Mic Wiring
4-Receive (electronic or relay)

Looking directly at a SBE 4-pin mic plug/jack, the top two pins from left to right are --- 4 and 1. The bottom two are --- 3 and 2.

I'd imagine (but could be wrong in this) that the above is how the SBE Belcom mic came pre-wired for an SBE radio, and yours still might be wired as such depending if was still paired with an SBE radio before you acquired it. It might be a clue as to which wires are what, looking at the pins they are connected to.

I've read in numerous random places---but nothing official and exact---that SBE mic wiring is almost the same for Cobra 4-pin *BUT* that SBE radios themselves have quote: "voltage on one of the pins" and can harm a non-SBE mic plugged into a SBE radio. I wish I could find more about SBE mic wiring and what the deal is with this. Just a word of caution and possibly something to explore when an SBE owner is doing some online researching.

Not that it will be a tremendous help, the guide lists how to wire a Galaxy mic for an SBE radio. Perhaps that could be reversed, you'll have to look.

Galaxy Mic to SBE Wiring

Well it's a bump at least and maybe someone will offer up something that they might know. I saw the post go unanswered all day, so wanted to try and get something started for replies. Hope it helps.

Foxhunter 351 NJ

More common mic connectors jacks and plugs

SBE Side Band Engineers Belcom Radio Microphone
This is a great sounding mic and two versions were made, one amplified the other unamplified

I Remember


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Re: SBE Belcom Desktop Microphone wiring

Post by outlaw0814 » Sunday, 28 February 2010, 15:50 PM

unamplified wow didnt know they made them have only ever seen one and was amped---- cool
galaxy 959 mostly stock
575m6 mike
mod V 150
imax w/4ft francis

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Re: SBE Belcom Desktop Microphone wiring

Post by sKiZo » Saturday, 08 May 2010, 16:23 PM

Any luck?

If it helps any, you migh be able to get away with bridging the common and black wires on the plug to hookup a four pin mike to a five pin radio. Sometimes it works - a lot would also depend on the internal wiring on the mike and how it's switched. Keep your fingers crossed.

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