Cobra 25 install, overview, and help?!

Need some help or advice on how to set up a mobile. This is the place to ask.

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Cobra 25 install, overview, and help?!

Post by MightyMo » Sunday, 23 November 2014, 22:37 PM

Hi all. I bought this Cobra 25 NW WX ST for $25. I temporally installed it on my F-150. I was happy with it especially for the price. I finally got it installed on my daily driver. (Buick century). I noticed with my current set up I need to turn the squelch up almost a full quarter turn more than when I had it installed in the truck. I don't no anyone in the CB world except this forum. Would you guys mind taking a look at these videos and giving me some feedback, tips, or advice. Thanks.

Update: Grrr. Well I'm new here and it looks like I can't post links yet. So in the mean time, if you would be so kind as to go to you tube and look up the videos, it would help me a great deal. You can either comment on the videos or on this post. If/when I am able to post links, I may make another post similar with similar videos if I can't get it figured out. Thanks again.

The videos are called CB Help 1, CB Help 2, and CB Help 3. The user account is the same as my handle here.

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