Let us hear your story

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Let us hear your story

Post by Mikey B » Friday, 07 August 2009, 18:23 PM

There is a thread floating around here about what members do for a living. But I have not come across one about why you do what you do, and how you got there.

Did you just apply for the job and get it? Is it a family biz? Has your family been doing it for generations? Did you always dream of having that job? Or is it a job you took and just stuck with it?

And for the retired group, what did you do and why did you do it?

This does not have to be just about jobs. This can be about your passions in life as well.

Here is my story, if you feel like hearing it.

I come from a family of loggers, generations of loggers to be exact. I practically grew up in the woods, driving skidders and running loaders etc. I always had a passion for it and anything that went with it. My dream as kid was to have my own logging company, complete with trucks and trailers and the works. But, the pulp wood market has gone south and my father and uncle (brothers and co-owners) will be the last generation for a while to be in the wood bussines.

My first real job was at Hannaford Supermarkets, bagging groceries and pushing carts. I then moved on to working on one of the largest dairy farms, in New England, in the milk room. For a time a jumped around a bit, I worked in a snowmobile shop, I sold snowmobile, ATV and motorcycle parts etc.

One weekend about 6 years ago, my old neighbor told me I should go take an oil burner class. He thought I might like it, as I was always tinkering on something. I took the class, got the certificate, and got a job. After working for two other plumbing and heating companies, I finally landed at the company I work for now.

I work for a commercial HVAC/R company. We do heating, A/C, ventalation, refrigeration, energy managment systems, lighting and access controls and preventative maintanence. We also work on process boilers, pumps, air compressors and a ton of other things.

This is not my dream job, but it pays the bills, and I am rather good at it. I am a master oil burner technician, licenced up to 15 gph, and am currently working on getting my 1-6 oils unlimited licence. Everything our company does, I am capable of, and experienced in doing. It is not the best job in the world but it pays well and can be enjoyable.

I am an avid hunter and fisherman. I love all things mechanical and electrical. I love boats as well. I guess I would consider myself as a big time gearhead.

This is just a little bit about me. It would make for a really long post if I keep going

So, now that I've rambled on enough, on a CB forum, about nothing to do with radios, I will stop now. Tell us your story
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Re: Let us hear your story

Post by SemiBoysMom » Monday, 24 August 2009, 15:04 PM

This may disappoint, as mine is not so glamorous. At one time, I wanted to be a teacher...then I decided I wanted to be a corporate lawyer, having gone so far as going to school to become a paralegal. To 'pay the bills', I became a welder and a machine operator, in a factory. Ultimately, I left it ALL behind...for what, you ask?

I became a mommy. Once we had our not so little guy (SemiBoy, as he's known here on forum), I knew that being his mother, and raising him properly in a world gone mad, was my calling. Because of my commitment to providing him with the tools for the best future for him, we decided that I would home-school him. So now, 9 years later, I am a proud stay-at-home, home-schooling mother. It doesn't pay much, monetarily, but I will take the hugs and kisses, and time spent with him during his formidable years, any day. Teaching him how to make a solar-oven out of a pizza box, closely studying a newly emerged cicada, looking for petoskey stones in Lake Michigan, etc, may not sound very exciting to most...but I wouldn't trade it for the world.
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Re: Let us hear your story

Post by unit412 » Thursday, 16 September 2010, 23:49 PM

i work in professional baseball as an equipment manager been doing it 19 years
it may sound like a cool job u get to meet baseball players and watch the game, lol,lol
trust me its a job and at this point in my life i hate it. what keeps me coming back is the money and the money only.. :)

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Re: Let us hear your story

Post by barhopper 1 » Saturday, 29 January 2011, 16:37 PM

I'm a forklift operator at a pork processing plant for the past 22 yrs use to be a part -time bartender good tips but got tired of the drunks. :drunken:

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Re: Let us hear your story

Post by hilltop 439 » Saturday, 29 January 2011, 18:40 PM

Well living in northern Maine there are not many options to choose from in the way of jobs. Logging and lobster fishing are two of the biggest money makers.
I took the better of two evils Lobster fishing. I started fishing when i was 12 years old on the back of my uncles boat banding lobsters,baiting bags,shelling scallops,and seining herring. I did that until i save enough money to buy my own boat the Three Laddies. In the winter months it's dragging for scallops and sea urchin and in the late summer into fall it's lobster time. In the spring and early summer i work part time at a salmon farm. So there it is my job in a nut shell.

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Re: Let us hear your story

Post by Night Crawler » Saturday, 29 January 2011, 18:47 PM

I was an electronic service technician land/mobile at motorola for a number of years now retired.

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Re: Let us hear your story

Post by 443 Arizona » Monday, 26 September 2016, 16:28 PM

this thread got buried so here i am reviving it.
i am a machinist, started at an early age and still doing it. i will never quit. :bigsmurf:

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Re: Let us hear your story

Post by Bobcat » Tuesday, 27 September 2016, 7:26 AM

Out of high school in '73. I was always interested in electronics so I went to DeVry Institute of Electronics and got an AA in Electronic Engineering Technology. Talked to a recruiter who came to the school and was hired "same day" to go work on the Space Shuttle Mission Simulator at JSC in Houston. Worked there 11 years. During that time I migrated from hardware maintenance to software operating systems and left to go to work for a real-time computer company for 18 years until market downturn of proprietary computers/OSs caused a layoff. Re-tooled myself as a Java Developer and now work as a LIMS (laboratory information management system) developer in the Medical Center in Houston. I consider myself one of the very fortunate as I have loved every job I have ever had.

During the mid-80s I was an adjunct instructor at one of the local junior colleges and taught Microprocessors to non-degree seeking students. Also, much of the way through, I play guitar in an "old farts country & blues band" so, a tip of the hat to electronics, I am also wanting to get in to repairing/building tube guitar amps.

I think that about covers it!

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Re: Let us hear your story

Post by DevilDog66 » Tuesday, 27 September 2016, 20:48 PM

Born and raised in Gretna,LA right across the Mississippi River from N'awlins. Ever since I can remember I've always wanted to be either a police officer, fire fighter or in the army. The high school I attended had an NJROTC unit which I joined immediately and then tried out for and became a member of its armed drill team. The coaches were all Marines and right then I knew I would sign up for the Marines after high school which I did at 17, had to have mommy and daddy sign the papers for me to enlist , then off to MCRD San Diego in the winter of '84. Served 6 years, got out and became a Sheriff's Deputy for Jefferson Parish then as an officer with the LADOTD Crescent City Connection PD where I worked for 21 years and attained the rank of sergeant. I really got into the CB hobby when I was a Deputy and as a CCCPD officer. We had to purchase our own CB's but they really came in handy when doing oversize load escorts and getting info on drunk drivers/reckless driver reports from the truckers. I got out of the hobby for a while after I married in 1996 then around 2012 got back into it when I met a local HAM operator and got bit by the bug all over again :drunken: I still work in law enforcement as a 911 radio dispatcher with the State Police and will soon be getting my Technicians class ticket punched and will start to delve into the HAM part of radio communications. 73's to all and God bless :cheers:
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Re: Let us hear your story

Post by 295 antenna » Sunday, 27 November 2016, 9:12 AM

Love this thread,
here it is, I was a pressman for the LA times for 38 years ,Teamster local officer for 4 years . The news paper industry is a dying so i needed to find something as a back up in case i lost my job and at my age that is pretty frightening. Well it so happened that my Son inlaw lost his job with Cox cable after 14 yrs and he approached me with an idea .
Since my ,Wife and Daughters ,mother and Father inlaw are in the Realstate business we thought how about home inspections .Well we got Licensed and thanks to family we got jobs and also met alot of realtors .I was traveling from Riverside to San Diego on the weekends because i still worked at the Times. Fortune have it the company split into to parts and the company i actually worked for no longer existed so to speak .So i was able to collect my full retirement .I sold my house and moved to San Diego . This year our business has done quadrupled and shows no sign of stopping.There is alot more to my story but this is the work part antway'

Charles (Chuck)

-- Sunday, 27 November 2016, 8:13 AM --

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Re: Let us hear your story

Post by RRW » Sunday, 27 November 2016, 17:03 PM

Recently retired

Previously spent 42 years as safety consultant

By the way, I liked what I did for a living, interesting work in all types of industries, but ....
Being retired is awesome!

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